Sunday, January 15, 2012

Funny Videos from A Korean Audition Program, Super Star K

Super Star K is a Korean audition program, which is basically the Korean version of the American Idol.
They just finished their 3rd season, and this is how many people auditioned:

1st Season: 710,000
2nd Season: 1,340,000
3rd Season: 1,930,000

There were some people who were so good,
but there were some who were not as good....
At least they're the laugh generators of Korea,
and I want to share some laugh with other countries :)
Let's see them....

These are from the 2nd season!!

Uhh, I don't know why this guy's auditioning.

So cute.... really. Very cute. Yeah.....

Elizabeth Nah.
I swear she can't hear herself.

I hate to say this in such a strong way,
but he's a total psycho...
He admits it himself.

Hipresident (Hip hop + President)
It's kind of a sarcastic nickname because he's got all the swag
but not hip hop or rapping skills...
Nobody, not even the judges could tell that he was rapping in Korean till much later.

Rockeresident (Rock + President)
This is another sarcastic nickname.
He says he wants to upgrade the Korean Rock by leading the path himself.
He just can't.... just play the video.

So the Hipresident and Rockeresident makes a remix...
This one's not too bad actually, but still, LOL.

At least, let's give them a round of applause for their courage!
And thank them for a round of a laugh :)

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