Friday, January 6, 2012

How Big of a Deal Could Suneung Be to Celebrities?

Remember my earlier blog about Suneung, the test that all the seniors in high school takes?
Remember it happens once a year?
It's kind of sad, but there's no other national thing or even holiday that people unite so well.
This is a big day for the students but it also means something really big for their parents, and even

So here are celebrities giving the students some message of encouragement.
The celebrities are actually some of the most popular celebrities.

Nayoung Lee, who usually stays calm, silent, and pretty
even makes this funny face and a gesture for the students to wish them luck.

I think these guys are 2AM.
Only recently did I find out that there existed group singers called 2PM...
Ah, so confusing!!!


One if the cutest celebrities (according to Korean females) wishes students luck, too.

Finally, here's Sandra Park from 2NE1 going FULL OUT.
She has a pen in her hand, which means "study hard!"
And she has toilet paper rolls to wish their brain to "roll" fast when problem solving,
and a mirror to give them confidence and encouragement.
She's cute :)

Not all celebrities went full-out, but at LEAST, 
they signed a big paper where most celebrities wished students good luck.

Kind of get a feeling of how big this is...?

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