Saturday, January 7, 2012

Far East Movement is Fla-a-ay Like a G6

If you guys have seen this movie, then you probably heard of the song called
Like A G6 by Far East Movement
a group of 4 singers with two Korean singers, one half Japanese half Chinese singer, and a
half Philippines half American  singer.

It's just so impressive because they went up as far as being #1 in billboard.
At first though, I was so afraid I would hear some totally-Korean songs
that not many people like that somehow luckily got up on billboard,
but when I heard it, I knew why...

Unlike any k-pop singers,
they were original, and they were totally fit to non-Korean tastes of music and sound.
What was more impressive and touching was that they filmed this in a Korea town in LA,
and they casually but clearly showed some Korean drinks and food in their music video.
There is not a cooler way to expose Korean culture...
Like, I feel like such a geek kind of failing to spread Korean culture... lol.

Not much to say when it comes to music
but to just let you guys listen to it!
I know 99% of my readers would already know, but...
here it is:

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