Friday, January 6, 2012

4th Place--Korea's Audition Program, Super Star K's Star

The most watched Korea's audition program called the Super Star K
had Seung Yoon Kang as one of their top 10 finalists.
He was the 7th one to drop out,
which means he's the 4th best singer from the 10 finalists.

It was unfortunate to see him drop out but he had two fortunes replacing this misfortune.
His first fortune was that his last performance was his best performance ever.
His second fortune was that he became more popular after he dropped out.
Then, all his other fortunes followed as he became not only a singer but also a model and an actor.

Despite the fact that he is a middle-school drop out,
he never gave up trying anything to make his life better,
and now he makes WAY more money at an earlier age than 4-year selective college graduates.

By his rather feminine looks, you'd imagine he has a girlish voice,
but he has a rather husky, deep voice that captured so many people's love and attention.

His song from his last performance was number 1 most popular songs from multiple music search engines
like some Korean versions of iTunes.

And I know that music is better heard once than described in a thousand words,
so here it is...

How do you guys like him? :)

Any other artists you want us to share in this blog???

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