Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Korea Has Costco. What?

Some people probably know already,
but Korea has Costco, too.
When I said this to one of my friends from Chicago,
she freaked out if there was one in China, too.
I don't know about China, but I certainly know about Korea having a Costco.

Korean Costco, just like the ones in the U.S., sells large amounts/numbers of products
for cheaper prices than other places.
And honestly, there's not much difference between the two...
I mean... they basically sell the same products.

Looking familiar? 

Wait, here's a home-cooked food suggestion.
It's healthy, high in protein, and low in calories, but still DELICIOUS.
Cook some salmon and put some salt on it, and squeeze some lime or lemon juice on it.
Then get some salad; I get a baby spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, and some nuts and dried fruits/berries with soy-ginger japanese salad dressing.
Cook some basmati rice using some chicken broth and salt,
and there you are, with some healthy, delicious home-cooked food in front of you.
It takes like 15 minutes to prepare all this..
DO try it at home!!!

Drink responsibly :)

If you're looking out for your health, maybe use this instead of sugar...? :)


Do these food corner look familiar, too?
I love their pizza,
and it looks like Koreans love it more than I do.
I heard some people go to Costco just to get those...
It's probably because these are not that common in Korea,
and nowhere do they sell pizza as cheap as this place.

Also, according to my Korean friend,
pizza sold in Costco is much bigger and tastier than pizza sold in Korean pizzeria. 

Till this point is what you can easily find in the U.S., too...

but here are some things that kind of threw me off...

Some very fancy toys for kids.

... a Japanese sake (alcohol drinks) corner...?

Like American Costco, like Korean Costco.
Like father, like son.
Nothing too different.
So if you're a foreigner living in Korea,
don't be scared.
We don't sell crazy stuff that may scare you, haha :D

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