Friday, December 16, 2011

The Yellow

When it comes to blogging cafe,
I don't really need to get too creative with blog title
because most cafes have pretty catchy names.
Why bother looking for another title for the blog?

Their menu:

They have both Korean and western food.
That's not too common in Korea, so I guess you can get both if you want!

They had a pretty unique interior:

They had funny picture and decorations unlike any other place I've visited.

Below is written:
"One rule in this restaurant: If the guest says that it's salty, then it's salty."
The point is that the guest is the king :) hehehe
That's kind of sweet and cute of them.

This is the Yellow Burger($7.50)
and it's so... so tall!
It's because all the stuffing in the burger.
The tomato's the HALF of one whole tomato. I love tomato :) ♥
Lots of cabbage, too...!
It came out with baby spring salad and saute-ed mushrooms.

We also ordered a Garlic Cream Burger,
which was equally tall hahaha.
Oh, if you guys haven't noticed yet,
burgers over here are NOT for biting down....
You can if you want, but I recommend eating them with fork...

I usually don't like it when things are too creamy,
but the taste of garlic really made it refreshing rather than greasy or oily.

Next came our Creamy Potato Soup!

That was our lunch...

It was actually really delicious, but
it was a little too much cream for me for the day.

So we decided to keep our deserts simple and NOT creamy...
like, no whipped cream please...?

Here's our wheat bread and white bread and grape jam. 
We also ordered grapefruit juice, which tasted soooo good and refreshing!!

Here's the address:
Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Yonnam-dong 564-30

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