Friday, December 16, 2011

Verbal Jint

K-pop is starting to become known to people outside Korea.
Some k-pop are great,
but some just don't show some of the most talented people in Korea.
In fact, most k-pops are by teenage groups, not actual artists.

Verbal Jint is one of the hidden treasures of Korea.
Although he could, he does not go on TV shows
or big concerts.
He wants to keep his life simple and just sing and make just
enough living out of what he likes to do.

He's a surprise himself because not many rappers do this:
He graduated Seoul University (the best college in Korea), where he majored in
Business and economy, then he went to a law school for graduate school to become a lawyer. It's kind of obvious that he's extremely smart.
That's why one of his nickname is "Ivy league law-school musician" 
He's also called "King of Flow" because he has such a good flow
in his music and lyrics.

Well... he tries to keep himself hidden,
but a big shining piece of talent cannot be easily hidden.
He's becoming popular day by day,
but he still remains untouched by mass media or at least TV shows.

He's a very active rapper and a singer-songwriter.

These are two of some of his most famous songs.

Verbal Jint-You Look Good

Verbal Jint-Promise, Promise

Isn't he really attractive?
No, no I don't mean like handsome, jacked-body thing.
Oh wait.
You guys are not Koreans.
Of course you don't understand what the lyrics mean...!! :'(
Sorry, sorry... I'm a little out of it today lol...
But do you like the music and the rhythm and the melody?
I remember my friends really liking it...
The music video is pretty well-done, too.

I hope you can appreciate other Korean musicians apart from just k-pop musicians(...teenagers trying to be cute and sexy)
Sorry, k-pop lovers!
But you should see how most of them just cannot sing AT ALL...
Some are good, but some are just... ugh!

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