Sunday, December 11, 2011

K-pop Star: The Biggest Korea's Audition Program Yet

Is it me,
or is it hot has hell in here with all these audition programs popping up from every degree?
(pun intended...)

In the past year or two, total of 3 mainstream audition programs were created.
When I say "audition program", I mean programs just like the American Idol
where people audition to see if they have the potential and the skills
to become a singer.

One of the three popular audition programs are K-pop Star.

The word K-pop didn't exist until Korean songs and music became
internationally known. So the goal of this TV program is to find the person who can
be an internationally active singer or a dancer, or even both!
Now, being popular JUST in Korea isn't enough!

These are the three judges.
They represent SM, YG, and JYP, the "Big Three" of Korea's entertainment companies.

This is Boa representing the SM entertainment company.
She is big in both Korea and Japan.
She's a great dancer, and recently became much better at singing.
What's important is that she is active internationally.
That's why she is a judge for K-pop Star show.

This is Jin Yong Park.
He actually created the JYP entertainment company!
So he's actually the boss, but he also sings and dances extraordinarily...
I think he was on billboard, and I think it's also safe to assume
that the Wonder Girls from his company was on billboard because of him.

This is Hyun Sok Yang.
He's the president of the YG company.
While many entertainment companies aim for sudden popularity that is 
usually ephemeral, this guy aims for long-term popularity that
lasts years and years.
And he's good at what he does. He's also one of the great dancers.

If you're planning to audition for this company,
then you should probably know the rules.
You pass the audition when at least two of the three judges give you a "yes".
If only one does,
you don't get to compete any further, but you should be
happy that you've been approved and complimented by even one of the
three most talented, hi-standard judges :)

Here are some of the people who has been issues from this show...

Cheol Yeon Kim

The judges said that he is a good dancer and a good singer,
but that he should spend more time practicing singing
because although he's not the best singer,
he has a good potential to be one.
He has a pretty good sense of humor :)

Mi Jin Son:A Miraculous female singer

The judges gave her many compliments that included
how easily and well she hits high notes
and how stable her tone is.
Her voice is pretty attractive, too.
She also claims that she has made a mistake,
but could you tell?
I sure couldn't!

Jung Eun Park: An Unbelievable Dancer

I don't think I've ever seen such a good female dancer.
At least not in hip hop...!
She'll go far :)

Soo Hwan Kim: A blind dancer

He has problem seeing,
but he still dances and sings!!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it?!

There are so many more hidden talents in this show,
and I think that the judges will judge well and be fair and just, since
they themselves sing and dance and have international experience.
I can't wait to see who is to be "the one" from this show...
It's hard to pick out just one from so many talented people,
so as hard it is, I think the person who will be chosen must be really really good...

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