Friday, December 16, 2011

Super spicy squid even for Koreans

Anyone feeling daring right now?
I dare you to eat some really hot food, too hot even for Koreans.
Just... come out of the restaurant alive, please...!

This women in the picture below is the model of  this food who is very famous female comedian in korea.

The hot sauce that they make has 20 different kinds of spicy sauce and
ingredients. This has been kept secret for three generations!

There are three main menu:
1. Spicy Squid (This is the one I dare you to try... >:D)
2. Teriyaki Squid
3. Mixed Seafood Soup

These signatures are totally not the celebrities' signatures.
Super totally not!
You guys should get my sarcasm by now.

These are the free side dishes...
None of them are spicy, since one of their menu is
burn-your-tongue-off-and-make-your-ears-blow-steam spicy.

The dumpling below is another side dish.
This one wasn't free, though.
It's a squid dumpling. I've never tried this before,
but it tasted no different from ordinary dumplings, so... eh.

Ahhh, now here's our mixed seafood soup,
the third main menu!
Wait till it boils...
When it turns red like the second picture, it's ready to be eatenomnomnomnomnom...

This was pretty good.
Clean taste, spicy enough but not too much. Just right.

Here's our famous Spicy Squid!!!
Man... that looks really spicy and red...

This is how you eat this...
Put the spicy squid and the radish on the lettuce,
wrap the lettuce up and pop it into your mouth.
Remember, it's considered kind of messy and awkward to take a bite off of
it like you do with sandwiches.
Put it in you mouth all at once and chew and chew and CHEW AND CHEW AND CHEW.
Feel that 20 different kinds of spicy stuff burn :)

Anyone who's done this, please comment below and let us know how it was!!!

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