Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Little Baby Beagle

Hey guys!
This is our new family member "Jangun"
The name Jangun means a warrior or a general, and it's a common pet name.
People probably name their pets this way because they want them to be healthy and strong.

... but this baby sleeps ALL DAY LONG!

He's sleeping in my room,

on my slipper, and where-not.
He just snoozes off everywhere.

Maybe it's because he's a little lonely...
I mean, he's a baby, and he doesn't really have any friends right now...

So we thought we should get him a little friend!
Hehehe :)

But you know...
Beagles are known to be kind of feisty and troublesome.
He fights with his "friend", shreds the toilet papers into pieces, rips my slippers apart...
I swear he's a magnet for troubles, just like most beagles are.

But hey,
he's my family now,
and I'm willing to take all his troubles and provide unlimited unconditional love for this little baby :)
Anybody know how to train beagles, though?
He's lovely, but it wouldn't hurt to tone down his trouble magnet just a little bit haha.

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