Thursday, December 22, 2011

South Korea's View on Kim Jung IL's Death

As many of you may already know, Kim Jung IL died a few days ago.
There were rumors that he was very sick,
and I guess the rumor is proved that it had it.

 So, some may be thinking, 'what's such a big deal that the president of North Korea died?'
Well... it's important, because...

1. This could be the chance of the South and the North Korea reuniting, now
that the core reason of anti-reunion between the South and the North died.
This reunion would reduce some tension and army preparation for both sides.

2. This could also mean chaos for North Korea, which will probably have  negative effect on
South Korea. All the armies who were on vacations are on standby right now, as prepared as never before. Even the South Korea's President's birthday event was canceled because of Kim Jung Il's death.

US Marine participate in the South Korea and United States joint exercise "Key Resolve/Foal Eagle 2010" at Rodriguez Range on March 12, 2010 in Pocheon, South Korea. Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 2010 is a defense-orientated exercise designed to improve the Command's capability to defend South Korea. All available South Korea and US service members and equipment in the Korean peninsula take part in the exercise.

3. In a worst case scenario, this could lead into War, depending on who will be taking
control of North Korea, now that the president died. There are some complications over
about who's going to be the next in throne because Kim Jung Il did not completely confirm
to give the next power to his son, Kim Jung Un.
Additionally, Kim Jung Un is very young, and he does not want to be
the next president of North Korea...

Anyway, Kim Jung Il's death really gave a strong kick to media that created
many different reactions ranging from fear to celebration.
 Why does the reactions range so much?
It's not just individual difference.
It's also the rumors and the "truth" of Kim Jung Il's death.

Well, the news says that "Kim Jung Il died on his private train,
where he was on a very stressful mission.
He died on the train because of extreme stress and fatigue."

But here's also another convincing story of his "real death"

Some interesting article, huh?

***I'm sorry if my quote-on-quote thing bothers you, but I do this because I'm trying to
say there is no real truth to this story because nobody actually knows which story is the
real truth. So until everything is clarified and finalized without a doubt if Kim Jung Il is 
even REALLY dead,
I won't take off my quotation marks...

I think that this article is really convincing because it makes sense that
people would glorify his death so that he would end... or die on a good note.
You know, make the North Korean citizens think that their president died working so freaking hard for them that he died on a train. Right...

There are also rumors that he died a month ago, or that he is not even dead.
Man, North Korea's not so transparent, is it?
I can't wait till the real truth is known...

And the most unfortunate part of this death is
that the North Koreans really cry their hearts out for their "Dear God-Leader"
Ugh, I want to puke.

I'm sorry. I just can't believe they cry for this dictator.

South Korea's really nervous about how this is all going to turn out in the midst of
Re-election of our president, anti-FTA rallies, and Kim Jung Il's death decorating
the chaos like a cherry on top of a palace of ice cream.

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