Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everybody in New York go to Danji

Korea has a proud piece of it in New York, Manhattan.
It's a famous restaurant called Danji.
It was awarded one star (three stars the highest) by the Michelin Guide aka, the Red Guide.

Here's the chef of the hot issue!

He remembers living in foreign countries but always coming back home to Korea
to eat Korean food.
His motivation was to share what he loves with other people, so he
decided to open a Korean restaurant.
He hopes that Korean food could be enjoyed by people worldwide.
I adore the fact that he opened a restaurant for such a personal reason
and to share his personal feelings with his guests.
In fact, he wants his guests to enojoy the food fully, so he
uses quality ingredients and interior designs for his guests.

I don't kow how he manages fresh food and great interior with this so many guests. 
 Notice that there are more Western guests than Asian guests over here?
 It's because the chef knows how to fuse Western taste into Korean food
without changing the core of the food.
This is probably his secret to success!

here comes some awesomesauce food :)

I don't exactly know what this is, but this
looks kind of like sushi
in some badass form that I could not have
ever come up with.
Anyone who knows what this is
please just comment and enlighten
my ignorance for this awesomeness.

This one is just like what we eat in Korea.
Spicy noodle with lots of vegetables.
I can tell that the noodle is made from of kudzu root, which is very healthy for you.
Kudze improves blood circulation and helps
reduce alcohol consumption for alcoholic

Is that cucumber kimchi and chopped
green onion on top
of bulgogi?
That whole thing is on top of a bread!
Mmmmm... I already know that one
is going to be my favorite...♥

Ah, there it is.
I was wondering why there aren't any seafood cuisine.
Well, here's a delicious-looking one.
 If I were anywhere near this food, I'd eat this down to its plate!!!

Would you look at that.
He's so concentrated.
Yet you can see the little smile on his face when he's cooking.
I'm sure this guy has secrets to his big success.
But looking at the picture above,
I think the biggest secret to success
is to do what you love to do
just like the chef is doing.

"Seeing is decieving,
Dreaming is believing."

From the song Who You Are by Jessie J

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