Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slow Garden , popular waffles

Slow Garden
Interesting name, eh?

The one in Samchung is pretty popular,
but they opened another one near Yihwa Women's University which is also very famouse shopping area . :)

It's also near Yonsei University, which is very close to Yihwa Women's University.
If you're ever going there to take a college tour, you guys
should definitely eat here afterwards.

On the right is the glimpse of the counter.
That's where you order and just wait until the waitress gets you the food.
It works kind of like Corner Bakery, where you order the food from the counter
and then just sit and wait for the food.

I love how clean, simple, and bright the interior is.

Do you like the big rose paintings on the wall?
I'd like to sit there :)

Another thing that's so great about this place
is that it has an open kitchen.
Unless the cooks use really fresh ingredients and
sanitary tools, 

Since this place is popular for its waffles, we're going to have
them for sure...!
As you can see, the menus are written in English, too, so it won't be
so hard for you to choose what you want.

Ah, here's the star of the table :D
The waffle was crunchy outside and soft inside.
It came with egg, bacon, sausage, and mixed vegetable salad.
I totally recommend this menu!!!
It'd make a really good breakfast, too.
All that for less than $9!!!!

This seafood spaghetti was just $13.
Look at all the seafood in the spaghetti...
This spaghetti had a unique taste unlike other normal
marinara seafood spaghetti I've tasted.
I think you guys would like it very much!

This is one of Korea's trend food Affogato.
Like I may have mentioned before or will mention soon,
Korea's all about trends, and even food goes on trend... -_- wth...
I remember trying this once in downtown Chicago near the Chicago Art's Institute.
This one was really good, too.
You just pour the hot espresso on the ice cream.

We also ordered some strawberry milkshake
because most of our food was hot, and I was craving for
something cool and icy.
This was REAL strawberry milkshake,
not some McDonald milkshake...
.... although I have to admit I love their sweets.....

We were gonna order waffle as our dessert since this
place was popular for their waffles,
but I just couldn't resist the look of this... this precious pancake!!!
It's a fruit and ice cream pancake!
Look at all those grapes, banana, green tea ice cream,green apple, and
some oreo chocolate ice cream...!
I mean... can YOU resist it???

I know right now you're saying inside,
"Oh, I'm not like you"
but not so fast! Not so sassy yet...
Not until you actually stand in front of this food.
Then, I'll believe you :P

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