Monday, December 26, 2011

K-pop: SNSD/The Girl's Generation Wins the Award Again?!

Let me make clear that I am neither a fan nor an anti-fan of SNSD,
so please understand my sarcastic ways of speaking that I always have been using!!!!

So the drum rolls....
and it's time to announce the best singer of the year.
You're thinking,
'Verbal Jint? Wait, no, it must be Jaebom Lee. No, wait, wait 2NE1....? Oh here they announce!!!!'

"The K-pop award winner for the year is......
SNSD, the Girls Generation!!!!!!!!"

...and the crowd may go wild,
they may kind of awkwardly do a slow clap, and go "...again...??"
as they DON'T go walking on the red carpet because they're overseas somewhere (Europe?).

Well, I think they do deserve it in a way because they're getting pretty popular internationally.

Like.... come on!!
They're getting this three years in a row!!!

They're all like "Oops!" we're not there for the third time.

"Oops!" *shrugging*:

I'm sorry for showing so much distaste for them receiving the award,
but I really don't like that they're receiving it over other singers who may look not as pretty but who may sing better....
I admit they're so cute. I love it when they dance and sing and wink,
but I get disappointed whenever they sing on live and sound really bad...

It's really hard to sing and dance at the same time, but still...

Not all of them are bad singers. For example, Tae Yeon and Jessica can sing pretty well.

But I guess many people would disagree with what I think of them...

including tons of Koreans from their tens to their fifties.
SNSD or the Girls Generation takes up the first place for
10's (43.2%) 
20's (40.6%)
30's (43.1%)
40's (33.0%)
and 50's (21.6%)

It also looks like they've been taking over since '09 or 2009.

... I must admit, before seeing some horrible videos of some of them not being able to sing,
I really really liked them and cheered for them, too :)

Despite my sarcasm and disagreement I have about them receiving the best singer's award,
it doesn't mean I dislike them by themselves.
It's only their receiving the award that I disagree with.
They're quite adorable, and frankly, they're adored overseas too, and we're proud of them.
Next year when they receive the award for the 4th time,
I hope they're more mature not only in terms of age, but also in terms of their singing skills.

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