Monday, December 26, 2011

Nolita in Korea's Got Some Pizza & Pasta

I'm in Chicago right now, so I can get some original, non-Koreanized pizza and pasta,
but I know I won't be able to have these food so easily in a month, when I go back to Korea for college.
Fortunately, there's a place called Nolita near where I work, where they sell original pizza and pasta.
They keep it just the way it should be, instead of modifying the food to Korean taste.

I have lots of pictures of the interior because I think
that the interior contributes to their numerous numbers of guests flowing in.

Cozy place, isn't it?

These were our appetizers.
They had olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some great tasting breads.
The breads are for unlimited refill; there's actually a bread buffet where you can just grab all the bread you want.
It was nice, but the bread were kind of Koreanized, I must admit...
It's softer than ones I usually get from the U.S.

This one's another part of our appetizer: Caesar Salad.
I really liked it, but I think people like salad with chicken better than just caesar salad... Meh.

Here our BIG meal comes...

You guys can easily find these in Panera or any pasta restaurant,
but Korean carbonara sauce is less salty and more creamy.
I personally prefer the Korean carbonara because I like cream and subtly salty food.

Uhh... honestly, their pizza was a bit too greasy.
I think it's because all of the food we ordered today are either creamy or greasy.
But it tasted pretty good. Just too much cream and grease for the day...

Some Garlic pasta with garlic and garlic stems.
This one canceled some of the greasiness out of our systems, lol.

Marinara Spaghetti with Roasted Chicken.
For some reason, more male guests tend to get this than female guests.
Weird... why?

Seafood carbonara!!
They had some nice shell fish and shrimps in there...
My favorite!!!

Another seafood pasta.
Except it's not creamy this time.
They were both good, but I like the creamy one better
because this restaurant makes some really good carbonara cuisines here.

Another marinara spaghetti!
Except this time it's sausages and marinara sauce with angel hair spaghetti.
I really should have ordered some seafood marinara...
Those would have been really good!!

Boy, did I utterly pigged out today.

So while I'm at it, I'm going to pig out even more on their delicious bakery.
Which one to choose from, which one to choose from....
Decisions, decisions...

Which one would you like if you had to pick one? :)

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