Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the Sidewalks

I remember walking down the suburban chicago (Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe and such...), and seeing on the roadsides
the roads, and the roads, and the roads and the roads and...
Have I made my point yet?
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Chicago, and I consider it my home
although I've only spent my high school years there,
but I have to admit that I'd like to
put some of these snack carts in suburban Chicago
so that people will be chewing on something yummy while walking.

I'm talking food like this:

Flower Shaped pancake with sweet
red bean paste in the center.

Gosh!!! Why is the name so freaking long
when I can just say
Gookhwappang in Korea?

(Gookhwa: chrysanthemum ,     ppang:bread )

This is Gaeranppang, which means
egg bread. I don't really know how to explain, but I think I could call it a more egg-rich, thicker pancake

Spicy Chicken barbecue
One of the best winter snacks!

I think this is sweet potato chips on
a kebab stick...
It's pretty sweet.

This is Sweet Honey Pancake.
But unlike pancake, it's chewy.
Maybe this is closer to being
called Sweet Honey Pan-mochi.

Those are Ttokbokki and various kinds of fries.
The ttokbokki is the red, spicy thing made with mochi and spicy sauce.
The fries are made of many things: potato, dumplings, boiled egg, squid, noodle maki, pepper, carrots, pumpkins, and so on...
One of the most famous snacks in Korea.
maybe you guys already know about this .

This is Odeng.
I think it's supposed to be made
out of fish. People like this,
but they make great soup when
they are brewed.

Grilled Dried Filefish Fillets
It tastes kind of sweet...
Does it...?
I don't really know.
You should taste it yourself.

Sweet Egg Toast
This is basically french toast.
It makes a good breakfast as you all may already know...

These are barbecued sausage and odeng.
They're pretty good.
You can put ketchup or mustard on it.

This may not be the healthiest food you can find in Korea,
but it's easy to find and you can eat them while walking around.
So don't eat it every day,
but feel free to moderately indulge yourselves once a while!


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