Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Korean Kindergartens Turning Into College Admissions

Do you believe in myths?
I personally don't give a crap about it.
Especially about this Korean myth about the "Golden Pig's Year",
which was the year of 2007.
The Golden Pig's Year comes every 600 years, and according to the myth,
the people born that year are supposed to be rich and healthy their entire lives. 
Like, wouldn't those people born on that year be really lucky?
But I think some, or more like 80,000 Korean parents don't know that

luck is lucky only when it comes to you, not when you look for it...
When you look for luck, you'll most probably fail like you usually fail in trying to be lucky by winning lottery.

So those more-than-80,000 Korean parents wanted to find the luck,
and that luck just backfired on them.
Because many parents wanted kids on that year, there were significantly larger number of kids born that year.
Larger population = More competition.
Because there were so many kids that year,
trying to get them into kindergartens became as hard as getting them into selective colleges.

So just to get all these kids into kindergartens,
parents had to wait in line outside the school all night just to get their kids in the kindergarten.
Can you believe it?
I mean... come on!   This is kindergarten!    Not even colleges make us wait in line all night!

The parents who could not afford to or was to lazy to stand outside in the line all night
just simply hired teenage students to stay in line for them.
Like... you get paid about $10 just for staying in line.
What kind of a job is this???

Korean life is already hard enough for kids because of trying to get into colleges.
The competition is actually tougher in Korea because everyone's aiming for the top 3 colleges
 known as SKY University.
SKY= Seoul University, Korea University, and Yonsei University.
The kids don't need to already experience college applications when they're like 5, right?
Korea really needs to tone its myth-believers down...

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