Wednesday, December 21, 2011

GQ: Justin Timberlake Won't Shit the Bed

Isn't my title a little... off today?
What does Justin Timberlake shitting the bed have to do with GQ?
Oh, do you not know?
That's because you didn't watch the movie Friends With Benefits yet.
That movie is where I got to know about GQ, and that it as a magazine.
Well, Justin Timberlake, before he got a place at GQ, was afraid he'd take
"something so legendary and shit the bed with it".
But he surely didnt' shit the bed,
and neither did Korea.
Does this look like Korea shit the bed with GQ?


Let me introduce you the four GQ good-looking peeps :)
If you haven't noticed yet, 
I'm trying to introduce you guys our four hottest actors...
at least according to GQ...

Byung Hun Lee

He's known for his kind-of-dark charisma.
It's probably because of his sharp facial features.
Oh, and he also has a perfect body....
Not TOO buff, but still pretty jacked.
Look for his picture yourself :P

If you think you saw him somewhere,
you probably saw him in the movie G.I. Joe.
Remember White Storm? 

Woo Sung Chung

He has two main personalities in movies.
He's either really cute, gentle, and lovely,
or he's all tough, brusque, and kind coldly nonchalant.
You can see his tough face on the left,
and his cute, naughty side on the right.

Sang Woo Kwon

He's the "chick-flick" guy.
You know, the tough, strong, cold kind of a guy
with a soft, heart full of love for the one woman for ever kind of things...
He's known to have one of the best physique in Korea :)

Unfortunately, his popularity has been going down since this one event...
He kind of made another actress on a one night stand,
so they kind of had no choice but to get married...
People felt he was irresponsible and disloyal after his actions were known...

Seung Hun Song

He was just an ordinary, good-looking guy till almost his twenties
when someone found him tall and handsome in the middle of his part time job.
Since then, he's been rising up and up as a model and as an actor.
Personally, I like him the best...
I think he has this special charisma :P

Well, these were the four handsome actors from Korea.
I don't know if they're the most handsome actors,
but they certainly are considered most handsome by most Korean women.
Now you know what kind of a guy Korean women like,
just in case you have a crush on one :P

Who's YOUR favorite??

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