Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Korea

Christmas is an American holiday, technically...
But the whole world celebrates it to bring some warmth to the cold winter seasons!
....and I guess to bring warmth to the cold.... internet, too...?

Although the weather reporter isn't all dressed up as a Santa,
they replaced a Saturday with a Christmas.
That shows how widely celebrated Christmas is in Korea.

Look at those blends of red and green everywhere!!!
Just like the U.S., many places go on sale.
I've even seen a makeup shop sale as how as 70% off!!!!!
Time to get a big basket and just shovel things in, girls!
And of course, moi has to be allergic to makeups. Yay.

An international couple?
I guess Christmas really brings people together internationally, too.

Uhh... very attractive.
Looks like it also brings the head and the shoulders closer, too...

Even buses are Christmas???

I don't remember seeing this three years ago, but I guess Korea has changed a lot since then.
I was supposed to spend Christmas in Korea this year, but I came back to Chicago to visit
where I've finished high school and see some friends (or my boyfriend).
Eh, I digress,
but I think Christmas's purpose is to bring people together
and to spend time with the ones you love.
Merry Christmas!!!

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