Wednesday, December 7, 2011

K-Pop: It Always Rains on 2NE1's Big Day

2NE1's got wheels nowadays!!!
They're going full out with their talents and they're all over the place right now.

This is from Sandra Park's page. 
She put up a picture of the day she arrived in New York.
She claims that it always rains on their big days...
So this one must be big, too, right??? :)

Remember the group members?
Here they are, just to remind you.

She was right about being the big part.
They really swept their audience off their feet.
Just in their first show, they captured more than 2,000 new fans.
I know that may seem insignificant  compared to Beyonce or Celine Dion,
but it's a really big deal for K-pop singers since even just the word
"k-pop" is new to world outside Korea.

This is what it looked like when 2NE1 was up on Times Square.
I'm really proud they made it to that point...!

They're even on MTV, and I just found out that Jeremy Scott helped design their
stage outfit!!!! If you don't know Jeremy Scott, then you really should search
him up on google right now...

No offense, but personally, I'm not so big about k-pop because
most of the k-pop spread out is usually teenagers trying to look cute
and pretend to be able to sing.
I think this group is the only popular k-pop group that I do like.
....and apparently others like them too... :)

You know,
I'm going to save my time and yours, too
by posting up videos rather than pictures and give you long, monotonous descriptions
about how awesome they were and how badass they looked.
Here's what they did if you missed their show
or if you couldn't get the ticket to their show because it was, in fact,

Or just take a look at them.
I can't believe you're not curious how they're different from other cutsie little
baby k-pop stars.
Like, you should know WHY they're doing so much better than others.

Songs: Lonely, and I'm the Best

The rest is MTV and New York Times Square!
They really did a good job in this one.

What are you guys thinking right now?
I really want to know if this is just as stupid and wanna-be as other k-pop
stars like... no offense, Wonder Girls.
I love them, they're so cute, and I wish them well,
but I just think Wonder Girls can't.... sing too well...
Like, is it me?
Or is 2NE1 kind of unique?

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