Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ramen, Everyone's Favorite ♥

I've lived in 4 different countries.
Wherever I went, there was Ramen.
Korea (duhh), Japan, India, and the U.S. (Chicago and New York).
They all had ramen addicts.

It was the weirdest experience to see my boyfriend (white, half jewish hahahaha) eat ramen and kimchi.
God, no, I didn't force him, I swear!
He loves it with kimbap, just like many Koreans do.
He's so Korean.

 These two are the combo from above
(Ramen and Kimbap)

Anyway! Back to point, let's see Korean's top 10 ramen brands!
Let's start from number 10, the least prefered over 9 others.

# 10. Shin Ramen Cup Noodle (size: L)

Don't underestimate #10 though!
It brings a profit of almost $2.5 million per MONTH!
The word "Shin" in its name means spicy.
Just looking at it makes me sweat...!

#9. Squid Jjamppong (Squid Spicy Noodle Soup)

$2.7mil profit
People consider this a ramen, too, but the name Jjamppong is actually
a Koreanized Chinese food, which has spicy soup and a lot of seafood in it.
It sort of does taste like Jjamppong.

#8. Wang Ttukong (King Ramen) (size: S)

$3.3 mil profit
Wang Ttukong literally means king cap.
Well, just look at it. It does have a pretty big cap.
This company needs a little more creativity in naming their products...

#7. Shin Ramen Cup Noodle (size: S)

$4.6 mil profit
Another Shin Ramen Cup Noodle!
Except, it's smaller than #10.
But it brings a lot more profit!
Hey, now I'm vertically petite and proud :)

#6. Yook Gye Jang Noodle (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup)
 $4.8 mil profit
Yook Gye Jang is actually a Korean traditional soup made with beef and vegetables.
Because people love it so much, this company made this a kind of ramen.
As expected, it's selling well.
It's my favorite :)
I personally think that it has the best noodle texture.

#5. Jjapaghetti (Korean Spaghetti)

$7.1 mil profit
Anyone tried Jjajangmyun?
If you like Jjajangmyun, then you're going to like Jjapaghetti

Remember Jjamppong I mentioned in #9?
Jjajangmyun and Jjamppong are both Koreanized Chinese food.
I remember eating Chinese food in the U.S., which is fried rice, some veg. noodles, egg rolls, orange chicken, and such (Panda Express!)
When you order Chinese food in Korea, it's most likely going to be Jjajangmyun or Jjamppong.

#4. Raccoon Udon
$7.7 mil profit
Just to make things clear!!!
We do not eat Raccoon!
There's nothing from raccoon that went into this ramen.
It's only named Raccoon Udon because raccoon represents Japan
and Udon is a Japanese food.
So the point of the name is that it is just as good as Udon made in Japan.

#3. Samyang Ramen
$8.2 mil profit
Lookie here!
This is THE FIRST ramen ever made.
This is the mother of all ramen.
It's not as spicy, so people who don't like spicy food really like this ramen.
Many people eat it because of their memory of eating it during those good old days.
8.1 mil
#2. Convenient Noodle Soup

$8.4 mil profit
This ramen is kind of a paradoxical ramen...
There are two types of reactions after eating this ramen.
1: What the @$%&$% I'm never going near this ramen again in my life.
2: This is my food for the rest of my life.
... personally, I'm more of a #1 person...
I don't abhor it but I don't really see the point in eating this ramen..
Well, it's still the second most popular ramen!

 And finally, ladies and gentlemen,
 The grand price goes to.....!!!
#1. Shin Ramen

A whooping $19.1 mil profit!!!
This King of Ramen brings twice the profit of the next most popular ramen!
Wow, there are already three Shin Ramens in top ten most popular ramen list!
#1, #7, and #10 are all Shin Ramen in different forms or sizes.
Shin Ramen is taking over...

No matter how many times and how many ways you eat it,
you'll never get tired of eating this.

Speaking of many ways you can eat this ramen, let me show you some...

You can pop in just about any vegetables you like in there.
Here below are some bean sprouts
Oh I see eggs and something that looks like oysters, too.
Soo... this is probably...
Seafood Ramen!

Anyone remember from my other blog about foreigner's favorite Korean food?
There was one food named Tok bokki
Rappokki is a combined word of Ramen and Tok bokki.
It's basically Tok bokki with ramen noodles in it.

Cheese Ramen
Self explanatory :)
I've tried it recently,
I thought it'd taste disgusting.
But dang!!
It was so good.
That's what I ate for lunch today hehe.
Gotta love it.

Kimchi Ramen
I know. How typical.
You know that Koreans eat kimchi with EVERYTHING, right?
I mean... I've seen people eat it with cupcakes.
No joke.
As many really bad kimchi combos there are,
there are really really good combos like the picture below.

See a bunch of vegetables and sausages below?

Doesn't look too appetizing...
Well, plop some ramen in it, and it turns into...
A Boodae Chigae

There are more than 100 different kinds of ramen cuisines,
but remember, you can do just about ANYTHING to this thing, and it'll still be pure awesome.
Vegetables, meat, egg, dumplings, seafood, cheese, kimchi, mochi, tuna...
Just name it.
No, actually, don't even name it. Just put it in there(with some common sense. Don't put a cupcake in there!!!!!).

*Tips for people who don't like it too spicy*
Just put less soup powder in it.
Adding vegetables would help as well! :)

Ramen are available worldwide now.

What are you waiting for?

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