Monday, November 28, 2011

Korean Madness (I know you know it!)

Hey guys!

This little video clip down there is the Korea's most popular video throughout
the world. 9,500,000 people watched this.
This was from a TV program that gave prizes
to people who were the funniest when they were in karaoke.

When I first watched this,
I watched it without sound, and I remember laughing my head off.
Personally, I think that it's funnier without sound, but maybe that's just me...?

Anyway, here it is!
I hope you get some laugh out of this.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Korean Madness!

Because this became popular worldwide,
people from all over the world started posting a cover of this.

... like France

and Brazil

Just search Korean/Brazil/French madness on Youtube.
You'll easily get this.
If any of the readers post this up on youtube and let us know,
we'll do the same....
although we'd be red in the face and feeling resentful if we turn out to have to do this...

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