Thursday, November 24, 2011


Oh, so boring.
Look closer and see what these are made of.
The water is made of raw salmon, sands are made of rice,
the rocks are made of potatoes and the brown sands made of brownies.

This is called food art.

What can you spot here?
Well, I see a bunch of different kinds of fruits and vegetables...

 Can you even tell that the rocky mountains are baked breads?

See the cauliflowers and the broccolis?
Some carrots, too.
Lobster tails!

instead of just giving you answers, I'll let you guess and
see if you can get the ingredients right.
To find out the answers,
drag your mouse across the quotation marks that has the answer, which will be written in white letters
so that you can only see them when you highlight them.

Try reading what's inside the quote:

"If you can read this, you know how to highlight things correctly."
So I'm going to put the answers inside the quotation marks like this.

"Baby green onions"

Here we go :)


"Eggs (quail eggs)"

"Bubble gum"


 "Eggs (well... broken eggs)"

 "Chicken meat"


"Bubble gum"


 "Green Onions"



"Lotus roots"

 "Red Cabbage"

"Bubble gum"


"White bread"



I doubt a handful of people got this all correct...
Actually, guys,
tell me how easy/hard it was for you guys.
I mean... for me it was not as easy as I thought it would be :(
So feel free to either make me feel better by being worse than I am
or make me feel like a dumbo by kicking my butt. 

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