Sunday, November 27, 2011

Organic Fair-Live to be 100


Apparently, COEX is pro-organic.
It holds an organic fair every summer, so if any of you are planning to live
a healthier life and feel your family healthier things,
come here and see what you can do in order to do that.

It was really big, and there were many different booths for different things.

This booth here was for food.

Organic vegetables

Organic red chilly powder
Many people would be looking for these during the "Kimjang Season" or the "best time to make
kimchi for the year"which is right before winter comes, when the Korean cabbage is at their best.

Ginseng alcohol, dried ginseng snack, etc...
Why is there no "organic" written in front of ginseng?
Me: Come on, guys, it's safe to assume that everything here's organic...

This is what Ginseng looks like before it's harvested.
Have u every seen the Ginseng flower?
On top of this , you can see the red tiny Ginseng flower! wow~

These are some more different kinds of healthy dried roots/vegetables

Organic vegetable sprouts for salads and such that could be easily grown at home.

Organic medicines
Well... they're not really medicines, because
they don't have anything medical things going in.
Its made of plants or their roots that are known to be healthy or
helpful for digestion, sore throat, muscle pain, toothache, etc...

Some different kinds of kimchi :)
If you think that this is all the kimchi that Korea has, then you're really WRONG
because we have more than 300 different kinds of kimchi. 

 Let's move on to the recreational booth.

I see an artsy pant holder on the left and
a mushroom, tree stump, and flower decoration on the right.
I want both of those so bad!!!


I wonder what they're making...

That's pretty cool...
They're making insects out of twigs,
wood, and other organic material that
could be easily found

Ooookayyy... It's cool that it looks real, but uhh...
I'm gonna run and go my marry way because I hate bugs... hahaha..

 Looks like the kids are having a blast catching something...
I really hope it's not the bugs they are catching hahaha....

Oh, actually it's not...
It's fish!
I think it's Korean loach...
It's really healthy for you, and they use this to make Korean loach soup.
It's sooooo delicious!!!!

 I have a bad feeling about this...
 Oh, wait...
It's a silkworm!
Oh, that's not dirty or gross at all.
We tried touching, and it was really oft and clean.
This insect is known to be one of the cleanest organisms on earth.
It's also really healthy for you, but uhh...
I don't really feel like eating it all that much hahaha..

 I really wanted to join and learn how to make those, but we didn't really have much time left :(

They were making these awesome stuff with just a bunch of straws...

This guy over here is going full out with the straw fashion...
Way to be proud of our traditional way of dressing!! :)

I'm not an organic freak,
but I have this thing called atopic eczema.
Thankfully it's very mild, but it used to be very severe.
I got better after changing most of my food ingredients to organic ones.
I slowly but surely got better.
I'm a living proof, and so are many, MANY other!

Stay healthy with organic food
and save our environment with organic food.
Sounds like catching 2 birds with one stone...

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