Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Best of Summer: Camping

Hey guys!
Sorry for the late posting, but here's what we did this summer!

Summer offers us many great things ranging from warm weather to various kinds of summer activities.
One of the best activities of summer is to go camping with friends.
I mean... when else can you go camping?
I know there may be mosquitoes buzzing around you, but
would you rather deal with shivering all night in the middle of snow?

you don't even have to deal with mosquitoes.
Recently, there has been many camping sites already set up for convenience.
You really don't need to bring anything with you.

 This is where we went.
It's a place called Paju, located an hour away from Seoul.
Many young people come here to have a nice, long date. 

I know music is not necessary for camping,
but I love music and I believe music spices up the atmorphere a little bit :)
I'm setting up my DJ booth


We decided to go a little western style
for lunch. Instead of kimbap and
kimchi, we made some
carbonara pasta and
some chicken and tuna salads.

After eating and charging up our energy,
we decided to explore the place a little further
rather than just lying around (like the tent below)and killing time.

So we went for a small adventure...

 Narrow roads and the waterway
where we took a dive!
I mean... we were drenched in sweat and it felt disgusting...
It was really shallow, so we couldn't really do a butterfly stroke in it, but...

That was so nice.

On the way back, we found some candles.
I think people pray here or make wishes.

Now we're too pooped to do anything more...

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that we were more loose and wabbly than our
bathing suits (more like an underwear and a pajama pants) right below...

Don't the two pictures right below look kind of alike?
(Actually, they guy on the first picture is really up-tight right now.... he forgot to take his cell phone out of his pocket when he jumped into the water.... Poor thing...)

It feels as though the whole world is at the bottom of my feet :)

... or the dragonfly's feet... >:( 
I'm going to name that evil dragonfly "Charlie".
Cuz Charlie bites.
Chaaaahhhllllaaaayyyyyy bit mayyyyyyyyyyy (If you don't know this, search Charlie bit my finger on Youtube... btw, you don't know what cute means if
you haven't seen this video).


Time spent resting really is not a waste of time...
especially nowadays where everybody is busy even in their sleep.
Aren't you?
Take a break...

We wake up to a relaxing activity:
blowing bubbles!


Isn't it beautiful?
It was so soothing, although I felt dizzy after blowing too many bubbles.


And here comes our lovely snack :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

 ... and our private bar!
 All looks so easy, right?
But it was definitely rewarding... :)

Can any of you spot what the yellow arrow's pointing?
Look carefully..... :)
*hint* At the end of a _________ is a pot full of gold!

The dusk...
It looks more like... a door to some good place .

Here are some of the highlights of the day...!

Barbecue for dinner.
Mmmmmm :)♥

Relaxing campfire....
It wasn't cold, but it was slightly chilly since it was near the beach.
The fire kept us very nice and cozy.

Some literal highlights of the day.... or night, eh?
Unlike some states in the U.S.,
prive fireworks are allowed in Korea
in large, open areas.

I'm kind of obsessed with neon lights...
so I decided to actually make one using some chemicals.
I learned this in internet, and it's pretty safe and easy to make.
No need to buy anything fancy.

We talked until almost 4 in the morning, and fell asleep one by one.
I remember learning so much more about my friends during this day
than during any other times we hung out or drank.

I really believe the nature is conciously or subconciously human's favorite
and the most comfortable environment.

If you feel as though you are suffocating
or stressed out to the point where you're numb,
just let things go
and go home, your ACTUAL home (ehem... nature...) to charge up.
Then get back on your feet.
You'll feel much refreshed and energized.

A song suggestion, if you may... :)

Come Home
One Republic


Katy Perry

Feel free to interpret this whichever way you like.

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