Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Poor Lost Puppy :'(

Yeah, you see the little puppy staring right at the camera?
It's about his story.
He was lost... :'(
Mind you, "was", not "is"!

I was at my friends house, where there are 3 dogs.
His family loves dogs, so they really don't mind 3 dogs running around the house all day long.

Well, one day, one of the dogs got lost.
This was while I was there hanging out with my friend.
We looked everywhere, bu we couldn't find him.
We really didn't have any choice but to give up...

When I came home,
I looked into lost pet center just in case.

There he was!!!!!

Although his ears were down and tail between his legs,
it was definitely him.

I called him right away, and he rushed towards the lost pet center with his mother.

There were so many dogs who lost their homes...

This one was the first to greet us when we got there.
She was surely friendly, but you can see her eyes are sad.
She was so sweet and she deserves lots of love..

Another dog looking outside the widow.
It looks like its looking for its family.
It lifts its ears and head up whenever someone passes by.
It extremely upsets me that nobody's coming and looking for this poor baby...

The cat's enjoying the sun,
but the manager of the place told us how it refuses to eat sometimes...
Where the &^%$ is the owner???

This cat really wanted some attentions and love...
He started purring just looking at us.
What kind an owner just loses this kind of a sweet cat?

Here's our pet that we brought back from the place.

See the difference between these two pictures?
It's the same dog,
except the picture on the left is when it was lost
and the picture on the right is when it was found.
See the difference?

I'm so glad my friend's dog was found.
But I was incensed and severly disgusted by how irresponsible
the pet owners could be.
I am an owner of a dog, a cat, and a sugar glider,
and I cannot possibly undertand how anyone in their
right mind and heart can just throw their pets away or just
give up looking for them.

For those who are about to get pets,
please understand the responsibility that you will need.
All animals are cute when they are babies,
but remember how much care, attention, and medical needs they will require when they grow old.
They don't just die all of a sudden.
They get sick, and probably start smelling unpleasantly.

If you're wincing at the idea of taking care of a sick, old pet,
then please don't even think about getting a pet either for both you and the animal's sake.

If you think you're ready,
then please consider the possibility of moving to another place, which may be hard for the pet.
Just wait and think for at least 3 month before getting a pet.
Pets are not dolls... They are lives just as valuable as our lives are.

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