Thursday, November 17, 2011


If you don't know what day November 11th is, then ask anyone from Korea.
It's 11.11 or, fine, 11/11. Whichever way. That's the numerical form of November 11th.
Someone (Lotte company? Oh, yes yes...)thought it looks a lot like pepero, chocolate covered cracker sticks that the Lotte company sells.

This is the first kind of pepero that Lotte made.
When they started selling well, companies started making other coverings like:

Almond chocolate
Strawberry chocolate
Chocolate filled cracker sticks
Can't wait to see what's coming up next...
Wouldn't it be so awesome if they made a milk-chocolate covered ones?

Back to Pepero Day!
Since number 1 looks like a pepero stick, people (oh, you mean the Lotte company, yes) thought
they should make a Pepero day, which is so predictably November 11th (11/11).

Also, so very originally, they thought that they should make this day kind of like valentine's day.
you know... because
peperos have chocolates on them.
People in Korea use valantines day as an opportunity to express their interest
to someone they like/love by giving chocolates.
Sounds like a good way to sell lots of chocolates?
Lotte thought so too. So they made Pepero day like valentines day
 and let people confess their feelings for someone they love/like!


So original, right? I know, I know...

Just a couple days ago was November 11th, 2011.
or 11.11.11 or 11/11/11.
You see how this day has six 1's?
This was not just some pepero day.
It was a Millenium Pepero day since it only came once in a thousand years.

Lotte company successfully selling peperos on the millenium pepero day.

Thanks to all the commercials all over TV, movies theaters, internets, trains, buses, and in our faces!

Ever occur to you that commercials are so in-your-face and

Pepero day oroginally started off as merely buying peperos for friends or lovers,
but as it has been for ever,
people get creative.

Markets started using pepero boxes to build gates or make them into pretty shapes

This one is cute :)
I can tell, definitely not just for a friend.

Hmm... okay... a little, just a little extreme... but yeah, pretty (?)

Umm... yeah.

Some other companies taking advantage of pepero days...
to sell, uh, pillows (?)
The green letter of the picture on left is written:
"You should sleep hugging this instead of me!"
Oh no. That sounds so wrong in so many different levels...
That's the literal translation, and that's what Koreans mean, and it's supposed to be cute.
But the giver's point is, "think of me in your sleep" out of love, not demand.

Let's see some individuals getting creative.

Mmmm... not bad at all!
Home-made peperos :)

Some fancy peperos!

 Wow... uhh...
getting fancier, aren't we?

Money peperos...?

Okay. Okay...
But why??? 0_o??
 I mean...
Money wouldn't taste too sweet, would they?

But yeah, I admit.
I want one.
It'd taste sweet mentally.

Oooo I see TV shows getting creative.
You know...
If the next cut existed,
it's going to be them smiling with chocolates between their front teeth,
and on their front teeth in the worst case...
Sorry for peeps trying to stay romantic here.

I see pervs getting creative, too.
Awww sick...

Just... ew.

 I found something more perverted than this.
I see some mothers obsessing over this day, too...
There's been a sudden increase in the number of pregnant women coming to the hospital
to have the baby on the millenium pepero day. They were determined to have the baby on that day even if they had to get a cesarean surgery, where the doctor performs an incision on the mother's lower abdomins to take the baby out by hand.
It is extremely unhealthy for the baby to be forcibly taken out when they are not ready,
but I guess some mothers think a baby with six 1's on its social security number (Korean form of SSN: yymmdd-*******) is better than a healthy, strong baby. Just because they think
the six 1's will give them a #1 place in things like grades or something.
That's so disgusting.

I need to end this with something else.
Otherwise, you guys are going to leave feeling messed up
and you won't ever come back again on this blog!!! :'(

Here's a strip of comic :)
Just in case you come to Korea and feel bad for yourself
because you're the only one walking around without a pepero in your hand,
just do this.

A man walks to a convenient store.

Man: This one, please.
(buys and pays for the pepero) 


Man: Do you mind telling me that  hope  you enjoy this?

Worker: H... hope you like this pepero... 

Man: Oh, thank you so much for the pepero!
I'll... I'll enjoy *sniff* this so much! 

(poor fellows...) 

Don't try this at home, I mean, Korea.

What an ending.
(I'm so sorry!!!!)

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