Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are You Organic?

As more and more environmental and health problems pop up from all over the world such as:
  • A big hole in the Ozone layer
  • Global Warming
  • Pollution causing direct irritation in respiratory system
  • Oil spill in several bodies of water
  • Diseases from food, such as diabetes (partially genetic)
  • Mutated reproduction
  • All kinds of cancers
  • Running out of natural(finite) resources
  • What I named isn't 0.00000001% of the diseases and the side effects caused by
people started thinking about what to do to avoid these problems that can directly affect them.


This is one of the biggest, realistic, affordable solutions yet presented.

Since Korea is a relatively eco-friendly country, it decided to open a fair.

COEX in Seoul

World Organic Fair in Korea

Let's start of with the most obvious, common organic products.
(I don't have to shut myself up this time because it's appropriate to say Food this time.)

Organic veggies!
It'd make a some great salad...
Espeically that chicory on the right looks so green and crispy!

Some more organic plants.
I heard they sold cat grasses for cats!
Oh, did you not know?
Cats eat grass to get fiber if they are lacking fiber.
Don't give them just any kind.
Give them the cat grass, and the cat grass only.

Hey, though... organic plants are too common.
Entertain me(sass)!

Let's check out indoors...

Organic kimchi and crab brewed cup noodles.
The cup noodle tastes just as good if not better than inorganic cup noodles with tons of MSG in it.
It's guaranteed you won't gain weight or cancer risks by eating those organic cup noodles.
Also, the most consumed product in Korea, Kimchi, was on sale!
Organic, of course.
There were even less-spicy kimchi for kids, so that they don't have to eat ordinary kimchis
with, again, lots and lots of MSG.

MSG(Monosodium Glutamate)- an artificial flavor enhancer.
This is known to create atopic eczema (which I have...) that creates extremely dry skin, splits in skin, and even discharges when in a very bad condition.
Thanks to organic food, all I have is slightly dry hands, and nothing else. :)

Here's a link for you to find out more about MSG reactions:


Here's some organic Nurungji!
It's a kind of crispy rice snack.
You can even make a delicious porridge out of this!
 Healthy and delicious!

 Other snacks for bonus:

AWWWW HEAVENS!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Drooling yet? 

Some rice wine, too!
Those look great...

Ginseng wine!!!!
I've never tried those, but I can tell they're even healthier than red wine.
I guess western countries drink wine
with their dinner, while Korea drinks ginseng wine with their dinner.

**a small fyi**
15~20 small sips of wine is known to enhance your heart condition!
Just... don't take 15~20 large gulps...

Food over there was so good that we just had to bring home some side dishes.


 Enough of food.
Let's see other better, cooler products.

So crowded.
Let me through, organisms!
get it? ;)

 Among the growds were some organic herb soaps.
They smelled better than any soap I've ever smelled,
so I bought a bunch.
They really did help relax me and especially my super sentative skin.

For those with atopic eczema or even any kind of eczema or skin sensitivity,
please use organic soap.
I promise it'll ease your skin troubles a little bit.

Works really well for acne treatment, too! (the peppermint soap!)

Back outdoors

Great, healthy weather
Great, healthy products
and... apparently great, healthy straw/hay shoes, dolls, and other things!
He's one good artist.

Okay. What else can be organic??

Oh... I guess closets can, too.
Organic paint, organic wood, organic everything.
I mean, yeah there were organic hay shoes.
Why wouldn't there be organic closets haha.

... organic patterns?
More like organic, eco friendly materials

D'awww I'd like one of those...
Me: Sir, how much is this?
"Sir": $13,000
Me: hahahahaha :)
Me: (gone)

 Save the best for the last :)

(a silk product)

Not all are made of organic materials and organic dyes, but
some of the best lookings ones are organic rather than not.
Actually, not many hanbok are organic nowadays thanks to quality-compromising
mass production... :(
It had to be organic a few hundred years back, since they didn't really have
things that was made from fake chemicals that we have now.
But they still managed to bring out beautiful colors out
of natural dyes that came from plants, fruits. and flowers.

See how beautiful organic things could be? 
 Although some people believe that organic things do not taste as good as non-organic food
 or do not look as good as non-organically dyed clothes,
that's only an assumption.

It's good to be conveniently beautiful,
but it's best to be beautiful with effort not to hurt the nature, our home.

Yay organics :)

Mother Nature gives free love.
Earthlings live off of that love,
so let's try not killing out mother.

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