Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Booking Bar

Korea is all... or much about trends.
Since the country is so tiny, people copy each other.
If you come up with an attractive fashion of your own,
it will be the country's in a week.
Speaking of trends, Booking Bars have been hot recently.

Booking Bars are places where men and women come looking for new relationships.
It may sound mean, but I might as well call it a Hooking Bar.
Yes, people do hook up in bars, but this bar is MADE for people to hook up.
As you may be thinking right now, most guests are young and hopefully single (yikes...).

Booking Bars don't really differ much from other bars in terms of menu or drinks,
but the major difference is that people come to hook up
or in more gentle terms
meet new peeps.
(peeps = people... get it?)
You know, set up a blind date for themselves and their groups of friends.

         Yummy FOOOOOOOO... (shut up, self!!!)   ☞

 On each table is an iPad so that people can chat with different tables.
They're mostly used to invite other people or to...
*cough* hook up *cough*
Woh, wait a minute!
When I say "hook up", I don't mean hookup-hookup.
I don't mean homerun or one night stands.
Some may, but I don't think all do.
They just really want to find a date or just really meet some new friends.
You know, have fun.

I don't know if you guys heard all the way there in the U.S. or Canada, but
there's been a scary incident in one of the most famous booking bars.

One of the booking bars that Hong Man Choi, a famous Korean K-1 fighter , had a violence case.

Hong Man Choi
218cm, 140kg
7'6'', 309lb
He's over 7.5ft tall!!!!!!!

How this bar works is:
A man sends a women a message if he is interested in her.
The women gets a ₩1,000  (approx. $1)discount every time she gets a message from a guy.
So if you're pretty and hot, you may not even have to pay for your drink in this bar!
And this one time, this one girl got wayyy too many messages come her way, which created
a confusion in calculations, which of course lead to frictions bewteen the woman and Hong Man Choi.
I don't exactly know what happened, but she probably got more discounts than
the amount she had to pay.
She may have asked for the leftover money from the discounts she didn't use.
Idk(shortened word for "I don't know")... just guessing.

The women claims to have been phsycally attacked by Hong Man Choi,
but Hong Man Choi stated that he lightly pushed her away as self defence because she kept on hitting him.

Netizens (Internet citizens, or internet users) say:
"You would be dead if you've been hit by Hong Man Choi"
"She's totally overreacting."
"She was really drunk, wasn't she? Who would ever even think about fighting with  Hong Man Choi
 in sober mind?"

Why don't we drink respobsibly and try not to be too drunk?

So that we can avoid situations like this...
"Oh #$%^, oh @$^^&, oh !(&$%"
...where the big dog's going to turn out to be someone like Hong Man Choi.

Booking bar can be a great place to make new friends.
Who knows you may meet your future husband/wife there?
Just do it responsibly and safely,
and all will be fine :)
Have fun!

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