Sunday, February 19, 2012

Korean Crab Cuisine at....or ON Someone's Birthday Table

I was going to name this blog "Korean Crab at Its Best"
But I felt bad because the crab that I was talking about in the title wouldn't be alive,
and it would be at its worst if anything,
but still at OUR best because they taste so good....
Sorry, crab, but we really really wanted to get some taste of you!!! :'(

There were so many different kinds of crabs in the aquarium, all alive and energetic.
Just makes me feel more guilty.....
Oh, how am I going to eat themmmmmm ohhhh nooooo :'(

At least there were not that many guests in the restaurant
because crabs are one of the most expensive seafood.

I mean, the cheapest course menu was $60, and the most expensive one was...
I do not want to know....

This is Korean traditional appetizer.
Just like most western restaurants start off with bread and salad,
Koreans start off with rice porridge.
In this case, it's crab rice porridge (boiled rice).
This'll warm us up for all that food on our way.....

You may freak out.
These are just the banchan (side dishes)!!!

They also had roasted fish on some mashed potatoes.

Shrimp and vegetable fries.
Rather Japanese styled food.
Oh, wait...
This place is Koreanized Japanese restaurant.... oops...

Some exotic seafood....

...followed by some common sashimi!

and sushi!
Mmmmmmm <3

Finally, here comes our main dish...
Steamed king crab!

I'm so sorry for the crab,
but oh my gosh.... it was so good....
Sorry for the vegetarians witnessing this!!! :(

After finishing the king crab,
they also served us crab fried rice in the crab shell.
It was great because I was craving for some rice to finish all those awesome banchan.

As I started shoveling the fried rice and the bachans down,
I saw something big coming on the table...
It was this crab soup...

So I left the banchans and never looked back just for this awesome soup.
This soup was not too spicy, but not too bland,
and it was perfect with the crab friend rice.
I meant Crab FRIED rice, not friend rice. Oh my my...

Those were some really big amount of food,
but I couldn't possibly resist the dessert with Patbingsu with a cup of ice cream on top...
Patbingsu is a Korean version of ice cream, where they put sweet red bean
on top of ground ice with some fruits and sweet milk.
It's sooooo gooooood.....!!!

Sorry for raving about the dessert, but I'm sweet toothed.... Tee hee...

Anyway, the course meal was really good.
There were three people, and we only ordered for two people
but there were still leftovers, so if you go there, you should probably order
for less people than you have.
The food was expensive,
but it was definitely worth it...!
I recommend you guys this place.

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