Saturday, January 21, 2012

K-pop: JYJ in South America Sells Out

It looks like JYJ recently did a concert in South America,
and it really does look like they've set the record for selling fast!
Selling faster than the very very well known artists from the U.S.
It's kind of amazing how big K-pop has become.

They performed their most popular songs:

Be My Girl
Be The One
The Beginning

This picture was taken in Chile while they were performing.

You think Chile looks heated up?
I don't know...
I think Peru really beat them 
because people spent their night lining up in the streets just to get the tickets for the concert....!!!

Below says, "Peru loves JYJ so much!"
That's really sweet :)

Look at all the love JYJ's receiving.
I honestly didn't really know many of their songs
until just a few days ago,
and they really were good.

I know pictures won't do enough here,
so I'll show you a video of how it was.

...and this was in Chile. Heated up!!!

So, if you're curious what they sound like,
maybe look up their songs on Youtube.
Many of their song titles are in English, so you guys shouldn't have to type Korean to look them up.
Hope you enjoy them!!!

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