Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yoohoo! The Girls Generation!

Every time they come up on TV,
the number of male watchers rocket up. The reason for this spike in male watchers is SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae) aka Girls Generation. The name Girl's Generation has been given recently only after they became popular in European and English-speaking countries.

Among the countries stood out France for its love for the Girls Generation.
Here's how France ranked the the group members from most popular to the least.

                                                   (Who's your favorite member from SNSD?)

Wait, no, wait a minute. That can't be true.
I mean, look. According to Korea, we ranked the members this way:
(From most popular to least)

1. Tae Yeon
2. Yoon A
3. Tiffany
4. Jessica
5. Yoo Ri
6. Seo Hyun
7. Sunny
8. Soo Young
9. Hyo Yeon

Do you see the difference between the ranks in Korea and France?
Yoon A, who comes and goes between #1 and #2 in Korea turns out to be all the way down in #9 in France.
On the other hand, Hyo Yeon, the least popular member in Korea, is way up in #1 in France.
What the heck?

Not to pick a side, but in Korea, people call Hyo Yeon by her nickname "Hyork"
This nickname is a shortened version of Hyo Yeon Ork (Ork is supposed to be an ugly creature from the Lord of the Rings).
That's how ugly she is thought as in Korea.
But it happens that she looks the prettiest to French eyes.

 Yoon A                                             Hyo Yeon 

I'm happy to see her finally have a chance to shine among the other group members.
I guess there's a difference in the standard of what beauty is.
Speaking of standard of beauty, I did notice some differences when I came back to Korea after living in Chicago for three years.
Many western standards of beauty may include high cheekbones because many western societies adore women who gives off the feeling of independentness and self confidence, the effect which high cheekbones give off.
However, in a yet slightly male-dominant Korean society, people prefer small face sizes and lower cheekbones that give off feelings of obedience and prudence.
I guess beauty really is in the eye of a beholder.

The Girls Generation (SNSD) is on the first page of New York Newspaper!
Speaking of SNSD gaining some international attention and popularity,
they have been pretty big in the U.S. lately, mostly because of the recent k-pop tsunami
that is still taking over, fast and sturdy. The writer put it the right way: "attack of the K-Pop stars"

(Girls Generation on the             
1st page of NY Newspaper)     
The picture right above shows k-pop stars from the popular SM entertainment up for a world tour.
 Build up the height of the water before creating another k-pop tsunami?

Oh snap.
This is pretty big, so I'm going to leave the picture's size as it it.
Below is the picture of Girl's Generation up in MTV!

Their MTV show was in an open studio in Times Square, and they
were on the large screen for the public to see.

Look at all these fans with their names on those big cardboards.
... this is sad but they write Hangeul (Korean letters) prettier than I do.

Yay k-pop :)

They're doing so well. In fact, the concert that was in Paris sold out in less than 15 minutes
after putting the tickets up for sale. So when they decided to do the same concert once more for the
people who couldn't buy the ticket in time, but this time it sold out in less than 10 minutes.

It's so amazing and great to finally have k-pop get popular internationally.
There's been so many trials and failures, but in the end, it finally got what it wanted.
It's so sudden and cool it's hard to believe.

Recently, the Girls Generation has been making their third big album, ready to
release it to the public on the 19th with the title song The Boys, which has been released
before the album for their waiting fans.
Needless to say, they've been taking up no.1 in many search engines in Korea.
Wish them luck :)

Personally, I think that it's good to be pretty, but I hope more members were better at singing.
The only one who's decent in singing is Tae-Yeon, but I know they can all sing
if they put a little more effort in practicing singing.
I'm a singer myself, but I remember not being able to tell the difference between the note Do and Re when I was in 3rd grade...
My point is...! Practice makes everything possible :)
Not only for music but also for almost everything else.
To everyone struggling out there,
Don't give up, keep trying if you thing that something is impossible because....

impossible + an apostrophe after 'i' + a space between the letter 'm' and 'p'
i'm possible

Get it? :)

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