Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've worked so hard for the week, and I really needed
some nice time off to relax and let my brain blank out for a little bit.

There's this cafe called O'Sulloc.
It's a 3 story cafe, and the first two floors are where you can just casually
pop in and out like you do in Starbucks.
The third floor is not just an ordinary cafe.
It's a VIP cafe,
and it looks like this.

... of course, the coffee is a little more expensive up there...
but believe me, it's worth it!

This was where we sat, which was a private room.
We could enjoy some tea that was not offered on the 2nd floor.

What's so cool about this floor is that you have your private waiter
and he or she makes the tea in front of you.

The little green snack on the side
was a pretty expensive eatery which was dipped in
actual organic green tea powder.
It had a pleasantly bitter first taste and a subtle sweet aftertaste.
It's pretty addictive...
It's crunch at first, but it like... melts inside your mouth!

These tea were fermented green tea,
The one on the left was fermented for 50 days
while the one on the right was fermented for 100 days.
The waitress told us that the one on the right was a little
more healthy, so we decided to try that one.

The waitress also talked us through how high class
people during the old days were taught to enjoy the tea.

1. Enjoy the view with your eyes
2. Close your eyes and enjoy the scent of the tea
3. Then finally enjoy the taste of the tea.

This was just a green tea, but it made green tea look
so special and exotic seeing the way she made them.

Up till now was just tasting the tea.
Now, we were allowed to choose what we'd like to actually drink.
I chose the fermented green tea :)

It was really good.
Don't go there every day, because that'll cost a lot,
but if you have a chance when you come to Korea,
please visit the third floor or that cafe.
You'll be so glad you did.

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