Thursday, January 19, 2012

Korean Wine and Cafe, Moolgogi (Fish)

The name of this cafe is kind of funny.
It's called Moolgogi, which means "fish" in Korean.
I don't know why it's named fish,
but just because the name is fish doesn't mean you can drink like a fish there... :)

Unlike its silly name,
it looked pretty simple and plain inside.

It's very spacious, too.

They look pretty successful in selling wine, I guess.
Look at all those wine bottles up on the high shelves.... 

We ordered a Banana and Pecan Waffle.
Obviously, if you're allergic to pecan, don't order it!!!!
They like their customers walk out alive.

They also gave us a scoop of thick, creamy vanilla ice cream.
I definitely recommend this menu,
especially if you're looking for a snack to split with your friends.

We'll probably post a blog about their wine, too, so don't go away for ever!

Moolgogi Cafe & Wine
Seoul-shi Mapo-gu Seokyo-dong 401-1 1st floor

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