Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Much Does Korean K-pop Star IU Earn?

Remember this girl a few blogs ago?
Just in case you guys don't remember,
her name is I.U.
She's a young singer who's been on the popularity ride recently.

I saw that some people have been wondering how much this girl makes.
I cannot tell you how much she makes each month because celebrities' incomes aren't constant,
but I can tell you how much she made very recently.

Here are the sources of her incomes:
1. Singing/dancing performance
2. Her CD
3. Modeling
4. CF

Especially for a girl so young, pretty, and talented, 
the people pay an enormous amount to just take a single shot of her.

Now, here's an estimate of how much she made in less than a month:


She's only 18, and she's made this much in less than a month.
This is probably because of her extremely popular new album,
but it makes me wonder how much she'll make when she grows older
and matures not only as a singer but also as a person.....

Just for a little bonus, here are some of her songs :)

Past Love

Unreturned Love(Crush) Medly

See her potentials? :)

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