Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yay Camping! Again!

I swear camping is a drug. I could not possibly resist going camping this fall after camping this summer.
This time, it was only us men, and everyone was concerned about cooking.
So I wanted to take this as a chance to show off my cooking skills Harharhar (getting carried away)...

Getting back to topic,
this place called Yoncheon is about a hour and a half away from Seoul.

The closer I get to the camping site, I can feel the cozy welcome of the countryside.

Alas, we're here! It's only ten in the morning, but there are tons of people already all ready.
(If you haven't realized yet, I love playing with words. Nice to meet you too!)
Oh my god people are taking over the world. I should probably hurry before they take over...


... and this is my kitchen. (Hawww I'm such a badass chef!!!)<-- self flattery...

Who wants some warm curry and crispy salad with music as a side dish? :)

I've never seen my friends so happy before. No doubt Nature's our mother.



Pleasure's not a sin. So we decided we wanted to please ourselves with a little nap.
Frankly, we were all worn out from cooking. I don't know how women cook so fast and still stay wide awake.

I'm sure my friends would love it when they find out about these pictures...
Oh sarcasm.

Well, while my friends were asleep, I stayed up just to show you guys some great views of nature.

 This is why I love Autumn so much. Just look at those colors!

There are cabins for people without tents. Anyone could come here without having to bring their entire house in their tiny trunks.

Markets for late-night snacks and other things if you forgot to bring something. I could use a market. Me is bery forgetfu... what was I going to say?
It also sells great barbecue, so you really don't even have to bring food or wood for campfire.

There were also families enjoying a bike ride. They threw me a smile!

Even kids want to take a relaxing drive in this romantic season and environment.

Ahhh... this feels so open without tall apartments and buildings blocking the entire sky. If you feel like you're suffocating from too much stress from anything, this is the cure for you.

I can kind of see people fishing. I wonder if they caught any.

Hey, what's that you're looking into?

Oh! I could use some of those... :P
(stop it!!!)
But seriously, I haven't seen fish this big before.
It's like 3ft long!!!

On the way back to the camping site, I saw this little cute puppy running around.
...I want one :'(

Of course we eat again after we wake up.We eat everything that flies or has four legs except planes and chairs and desks.But we decided to keep simple and have some Japanese "Sapporo" beer (mmmmm! it was good) and some dried squid. It's actually really really dee-ee-ell-icious!!

Below is our private bar that we set up.

After sweet naps and drinks, we relax and talk for a while.
For those of you who are stressed out, I suggest you to speak with friends or just take some time to relax.
It really has a theraputic effect.

My friend's basically nocturnal, so he's still asleep.
Doesn't he look like a little bat sleeping?

I swear I can taste earl gray tea from this picture.

We all decided to take a private time to take in this beauty fully.

Now comes our highlight of the day!!!
Look at those red coals...

Can't wait till I just inhale those deliciousness.

So there are two kinds of  meat here. One's the beef steak, and the other is called Sam Gyop Sal (삼겹살). You'll like sam gyop sal if you like bacons. That's basically what these are.

Any kimchi lovers here?
The kimchi you probably tried are made of korean cabbage, radish, or cucumber.
Here's something new for you guys!
This thing below is called Do Ra Ji kimchi.
It's made out of bellflower roots.
They are delicious....!
If you think we only have handfuls of kinds of kimchi, you're wrong.
In fact, we have more than 300 different types of kimchi.
So if you think you've tried kimchi, you're not even close.
But you're welcome to come here and try some :)
(yeah, like I tried all 300 of those. I should try some myself... shame, shame, shame.)

Wow, some tents even have projectors for kids to watch movies.
Kids these days, kids these days... :P

We totally pigged out on those korean barbecues.
Now it's the time for campfire.
So romantic.
Actually, SO COLD.

It's gross, but since it's so cold, we decided to warm up our wines.
It wasn't too bad.

It's so cool how wine can create such a romantic atmosphere even though there is no woman here.
Please don't get me wrong!
We are as straight as a cucumber.

Talking, talking, talking...

The next morning...
The sky looks more blue than ever, and the leaves are ripening like apples.

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...
(dancing to the song)
I just totally ruined your mood and the nature for you didn't I.
The kids are already up and at 'em.
Kids these days, kids these days...

But I gotta admit.
They're our future, and they're lovely :)
So let's not ruin the nature and save it for these lovely kids to enjoy later.
It's true that we are borrowing nature from our own kids and our grandkids...
And this lovely girl right here shouts from her heart for the nature...


Tee hee :D

Oh, wow... we really chugged it down, didn't we?

Cell phone's his best friend. Playing games.

This trip was only two days, and time flew by so quickly,
but I got a good amount of energy charged, and I'm ready to get back on my feet.

You know, there are times when you are so busy you don't know if you're walking on the clouds or on the ground.
And you're too tired to even feel tired.
One of those days, just look up at the sky.
You'll hopefully realize that you're alive, and that your life is valuable.
Don't waste it all for the future.
Maybe sometimes, live in the present and enjoy your life and who you are.

"Look up at the sky three times a day, and your life will take a good turn!"

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